Dog Teepee Size Guide

We've put together this guide to help you determine the best sized Dog Teepee for your Pooch. See below dimensions and some real life photo examples to help you decide. Still have questions? Contact us here.  

Teepee Dimensions

your dog teepee size will match bed size required (Swipe across for each size)

  • Small

    Our smallest teepee is designed for miniature dog breeds such as a Chihuahuas and also Cats

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  • Medium

    Our medium teepee is designed for small to medium dogs with a back length of up to 45cm (neck to tail) such as French bull dog, Jack Russel Terrier and Cockapoo

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  • Large

    Our large teepee is designed for larger dog breeds with a back length up to 60cm (neck to tail) such as standard labradors and whippets

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  • XL

    Our extra large teepee is designed for the largest dog breed with a back length up to 75cm (neck to tail) such as large labrador, greyhound or Irish red setters

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