Why do dogs scratch their beds? 4 reasons

Why do dogs scratch their beds? 4 reasons - Pooch and Paws
Ryan Saunders

Bed scratching is a perfectly normal dog behaviour but have you ever wondered why your dog scratches their bed? There are a few reasons why they might do this, and some of them may surprise you. 


Dogs have a natural instinct to dig. In the wild, dogs would dig dens to protect themselves from the elements and predators. They would also dig to bury food or bones. This instinct carries over to domestic dogs, and they may scratch their bed to create a more comfortable and secure place to sleep.


Some dogs scratch their bed to make it more comfortable. They might scratch at the bedding until it is in the perfect position, or they might dig a hole to curl up in. This is especially common in breeds of dogs that have been bred for cold climates, such as Huskies and malamutes.


Dogs that are bored or anxious may scratch their bed as a way to relieve stress. If your dog isn't getting the exercise or mental stimulation they need, they may be more likely to engage in behaviours like scratching their bed.


Some dogs scratch their bed to get attention from their owners. If you give your dog attention when they are scratching their bed, they may learn that it is a way to get what they want.

If you're worried about your dog scratching their bed, there are a few things you can do to hep reduce the behaviour and also prevent dog bed destruction! 

  1. Provide them with a comfortable bed: Make sure your dog's bed is the right size and made from a comfortable, quality materials. You may also want to put a blanket or pillow in their bed to make it even more cosy.
  2. Try creating a space they can call their own: Some dogs prefer beds that are covered, which can help them feel less anxious and more secure. We have some info on the benefits of Dog Cave Beds here, which is one way of describing this type of bed.  
  3. Try to keep their dog bed consistent: Having multiple dog beds may seem like a luxury but can also be confusing. Much like us humans love their own bed, dogs do too! Try to find a dog bed that's can be transported and moved around easily. This means they can have it with them anywhere at home or away. We also have information on dog travel beds and what to look for to ensure it can with them, wherever they need it. 

Although this behaviour is normal for dogs, if you're worried about the frequency you should consult with your vet to double check. 

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