How to keep dogs cool in summer months

Looking for Sun Shade for your Dog?

Learn about the importance of dog sun shade in the summer months and how a Dog Teepee could be the perfect option for the garden, balcony or trips to the beach.

Dog sun shade. Dog in a teepee providing shade outdoors in garden
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Keeping Your Pup Cool This Summer: Dog Sun Shade

As the summer approaches and the sun beats down, it's not just us humans who need protection from its rays. Our beloved dogs can also suffer from heat exhaustion and sunburn if they lack proper shade. That's why providing dog sun shade is one of the most important things you can do to keep your pet healthy and comfortable during the summer season.

Why do dogs need shade?

As summer temperatures rise, pet owners need to take extra precautions to ensure their furry friends stay safe and comfortable. The RSPCA emphasises the importance of providing pets with sun shade as one of it's top tips from their Dog Care in Summer guide. Their recommendations state that we need to "Ensure pets always have access to shade and fresh drinking water to help keep them cool". 

Providing a dedicated, shaded space for your dog can have multiple benefits, including: 

  • Preventing Overheating: Dogs don't regulate body temperature the same way humans do. They primarily cool themselves by panting, so they're more susceptible to overheating. A shady spot gives them a vital place to escape the heat and lower their body temperature.
  • Sunburn Protection: Believe it or not, dogs can get sunburned, especially short-haired or light-colored breeds. Providing shade can help reduce the risk of painful sunburn and potential skin problems.
  • Comfort: Just like us, dogs simply enjoy cool, comfortable spots to relax out of the glaring sun, whilst still being outside with you!

The Perfect Solution: The Dog Teepee

While there are many dog shade canopy options out there, a dog teepee stands out as a stylish and practical choice. Here's why:

  • Fun and Cosy: Dogs naturally love den-like spaces, and the teepee design provides a sense of security and a fun place to hang out.
  • Versatile Placement: Dog teepees can be lightweight and portable, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. You can create a shady oasis for your pooch in the garden, on the patio, or even at the beach.
  • Maximum Sun Protection: A good quality dog teepee offers strong, sun-blocking fabric that provides ample shade that's easy to move around. Look out for waterproof materials, just in case! 

Pooch and Paws: The Ultimate Dog Teepee Experience

At Pooch and Paws, we understand the importance of keeping your dog safe and comfortable in the summer heat. That's why we've designed our dog teepees to be used both indoors and outdoors giving you and them the ultimate solution—a dog teepee that ticks all the boxes:

  • Effortless Portability: Easily move your Pooch and Paws teepee from indoors to outdoors in its handy carry bag, offering your dog shade wherever they need it.
  • 100% Waterproof: Our teepees withstand even unexpected summer showers, keeping your pup - and the teepee - dry and protected.
  • Perfect Summer Shade: Our high quality, canvas fabric blocks the sun's rays, creating a cool and shady retreat for your dog to escape the heat.

Give your dog the gift of comfort and safety this summer. Explore the Pooch and Paws range of sun shade dog teepees. Available in multiple colours and sizes to suit any breed. All handmade in Somerset, UK. 

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