Looking for garden or holiday dog bed ideas?

Finding the Ideal Outdoor Dog Bed for Your Furry Friend

This guide covers essential must-have features like portability, waterproof materials & sun protection and how a dog teepee bed could be the perfect solution for your pup.

Outdoor dog bed. Dog in outdoor, waterproof dog teepee shading from sun
Ryan Saunders

Summertime fun with your dog means plenty of time spent outdoors! But just like us, our furry companions need a cool, comfortable retreat from the heat. That's where choosing the right outdoor dog bed becomes essential. It's about more than just a place to rest – it's about protection and comfort. Let's dive into what makes the perfect outdoor dog bed.

Key Features of a Great Outdoor Dog Bed

  • Portability: You want a bed that's easy to move around your garden, to the patio, or even pack up for trips. Lightweight materials and easy assembly/disassembly are crucial.
  • Waterproof Materials: Outdoor beds need to withstand rain, spills, and sprinkler escapades. Look for durable, waterproof fabrics that are easy to clean.
  • Sun Shade: Just like us, dogs need protection from harsh UV rays. An outdoor bed with a built-in shade canopy or breathable shade materials is vital for keeping your pup cool.

Pooch and Paws Dog Teepees: The Stylish and Practical Solution

Pooch and Paws understands that your dog deserves the best, both indoors and out. Their stylish dog teepees offer the perfect blend of comfort, protection, and fun:

  • Effortless Portability: Lightweight and easy to assemble, Pooch and Paws teepees take seconds to pack up and move around so you can follow the shade or set up on any adventure. A carry bag for easy transportation included! 
  • Weatherproof Design: Crafted with durable, waterproof canvas, these teepees keep your pup dry and protected, rain or shine.
  • Optimal Sun Protection: Enjoy peace of mind knowing your dog has a cool, shaded spot to relax while enjoying the outdoors. The quality materials and design means their space stays cooler for longer. 

Additional Factors to Consider

  • Size: Choose a bed that gives your dog ample room to stretch out and lounge comfortably.
  • Style: Outdoor dog teepee beds come in various sizes and colour combinations. Pick one that complements your outdoor decor and your pup's personality!

Investing in a quality outdoor dog bed is an investment in your dog's health, happiness, and summer fun. Pooch and Paws dog teepee beds check all the boxes for style, function, and protecting your furry companion from the elements. Give your dog the gift of outdoor comfort!

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